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This picture shows "KNAUF-TIAN" printed on the back of some drywall in an attic I was in.  This is one of the destructive products called "Chinese Drywall"


Here you'll see aluminum wire branch circuits in the right side of a FPE Stab-Loc panel.  You can see the four aluminum circuits between several copper circuits.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Citizen Wind Mitigation Re-inspection program
I am one of the state of Florida approved inspectors to conduct wind mitigation inspections for Citizens insurance company.  These inspections are no different in "theory" than any other wind mitigation inspection however, they are done to a much stricter standard than was previously acceptable.  I'm doing all my wind mitigations to this standard to ensure universal acceptance of my reports.  I make sure that the insurance companies get all the information they need the first time, so I don't have to bother my clients with a secondary inspection.  Also as I understand it now, because I am a preferred vendor my inspections will not be subjected to the re-inspection process.  It wouldn't matter to me if they were, it's just less hassle for my clients and the insurance companies that recommend my services.  
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Florida Home Inspectors Inc. is located in Brevard county and is a full service inspection company.  Nick McClellan is the owner/operator and performs all the inspections.  Services include: Building Contractor (state certified commercial/residential), wind mitigation inspection,  inspections for buyers looking at a home (real estate inspection/home inspection), inspections for sellers trying to make their home more marketable (pre-sale inspection), and 4 point and wind mitigation inspections for insurance purposes for those who already own their home but the insurance company needs a 4pt. and/or wind mitigation to bind a new policy or to update an older one.

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