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Newly renovated pool deck, turned out very well!

Florida Home Inspectors Inc. serves Brevard, Volusia, and East Orange County.

Services include:
• Lots of photographs... I take pictures of everything!
• Commercial/Residential Contracting

• Full inspection for new home buyers and homeowners.  The inspections have become heavily populated with photos.  I try to take high quality photos to best illustrate the condition.  I've found, you can't take too many photos!   At the end of the inspection I develop a PDF binder that can be viewed on just about any computer.  If needed I can also print it out on site or even burn it onto a CD, all before I leave the inspection! However, usually the clients just want it emailed, that way the realtor can get a copy easily as well as insurance companies (for specified forms).
• Wind Mitigation Inspections for reduction in insurance premiums.
• Home Inspections, general condition

• 4 point inspections for insurance binding/renewal 

• Roof inspections for insurance binding/renewal aided by infrared camera

• Plumbing Inspections aided by infrared camera

• Electrical Inspections aided by infrared camera

• Structural Inspections

Call Nick @ 321-302-1211 or 1-888-344-1297 for an appointment and a price quote.  Compare my prices to  the competition!



I think there might be some roof repair needed somewhere very close by


These shingles were 10 years old, permit verified.  I couldn't believe how good they looked.  The pliability gave it away a bit, but they looked much younger than the average 10 year old shingle!


Close up shot on wires connected to breakers in the main panel.  I wanted to show my out-of-state clients what I found.  it really pays to learn how to shoot macro shots!